Scooter Love + Hate

There has been so much in the news since Lime launched its e-scooter sharing programme in Auckland and CHCH recently. The opinions of the scooters seem pretty polarized, either you love em or you hate em. However, the claims from the critics of e-scooter sharing widely do not apply to e-scooter owning. For example, reckless riding is almost completely isolated to rental riders. This is because e-scooter owners care about their property. An owner does not want to smash over curbs and potentially get a flat tire or loose handle bar. The other thing that e-scooter owners do that many renters do not, is ride every day, and often the same route every day like their commute from home to work. This means they are aware of where there might be a blind corner or a busy building with people coming in and out all the time. They know to slow down here and take extra precaution when riding. Overall, I'm a fan of all e-scooters and the exposure to e-scooter way Lime has brought to NZ has been fantastic. Luckily the media has been pretty precise about where the trouble is coming from, rental scooters, so it will be interesting to see where this lands

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