Whats the buzz about e-scooters?

If you have traveled to the US in the last 6 months, chances are you have you have seen electric scooters as the numerous e-scooter companies have proliferated to 33 cities nationwide as of August 2018. So why the sudden explosion of e-scooters? It turns out there is a lot of demand for convenient, fast and fun alternative transport in urban areas. E-scooters fill the gap between short distance car trips and walking. These short trips are not ideal for cars as parking is impossible in dense urban areas. An Uber ride will cost you the minimum fee of $6.50 NZD. And walking is too inefficient in the time poor world we live in. So grab an e-scooter and you will instantly understand the freedom, the fun, and the future of urban transport on e-scooters. The next post will explore how e-scooters fit into your commute to the city, known as the first and last mile transport. 

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